Sunday, June 10, 2007

Visitors from Alaska!

Vander Lugts & Fieldhouses
Freeman and I at the beach...yes, totally a posed shot.Auntie Erin loving on me. :)
Riding in style.
I love Uncle Mike's hairy face...kinda reminds me of my Daddy.
Both Freeman and my first trip to the Pacific.


Sarah said...

hmmmm...looks like tessa's not quite sure if she's a fan of the beach? how fun to have family visiting.

Copeland Five said...

yeah! it's good to see more pictures but man...we have not been gone THAT long and she already looks too old! come on now! can't wait to get back and love on her some more :D have fun with where you are in life...just like you are doing!

danielle said...

it was so much fun to visit with you and tessa today! thank you so much for letting my mom, katie, and i come over. i totally loved holding her! she is so precious! by the way, whenever you get a chance, could i get a copy of that picture of me and tessa from you?
thanks again!
hope to see you again soon! :)