Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things to Do

I love to be sqeaky clean...bath time is so much fun! It puts me in such a good mood :)
Taking naps with you can tell, whenever I'm relaxed my hands are on my chest.Hanging out by the fire with Mom and Dad.
Blow-outs are always fun...thought you might appreciate my abilities. :)

Some other things I like to do are...
1. Hitting myself in the face with my flailing arms.
2. Tooting (well, actually, seeing my parent's
reactions to my stinkiness...I am quite stinky)
3. Crying long enough so that I am moved to
Mommy and Daddy's bed...I like their's so much
better than mine.
4. Kicking the little sheep that hang from my bassinette.
5. Slow moving fan blades.
6. More to come...


theolsons said...

such cute pictures of tessa in her bath towels!!

Tessa said...

Seriously mom and dad!? You embarrassed me sooooooo much when I was younger!