Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daddy Time

Tessa's face squished up against Mark...this is her cure-all position to get her to calm down.
I absolutely LOVE this picture! Look closely and you can see Tessa waving hello from inside the wrap. My two favorite people...so happy. :)


august said...

what a cut epicture of her on "daddy's" shoulder

theolsons said...

who knew the wrap would even look hip on Mark! :) that has got to be the best baby purchase...you've convinced me it's a necessity for our next child. Mark, are you going to make some of those too?

Sarah said...

can i just tell you how thrilled i am with all these little updates?

And ever since you first told me about it I've been thinking I was going to get a Moby wrap thinger, but now you've really officially sold me on it. And I have to complement you on your color/pattern choice. Definitely the best one.

danielle said...

what a cutie she is! it was fun to get to finally meet tessa in person the other day, while running between classes! it was also great to see you again no matter how brief it was!
hope to see you again soon! :)