Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Miersma Family Gathering

We try to get together with Mark's side of the family once a month to celebrate birthdays and to just hang-out. It's always so nice to see everyone...this time especially (seeing how we were gone for so long). Here are some pictures of the day:
Cousin Brynn holding Tessa...the oldest and youngest grand-child.
All the "ladies" gathering around Tessa. From left: Cousin Lauren, Cousin Skye, Cousin Brynn, Tessa, and Cousin Hailey (all the way from NY!)

These are just 2 pictures of Tessa with Mark's Grandma. Connie was holding Tessa and putting her up to Grandma's face. (Side note: Grandma has Alzheimers pretty bad and VERY rarely interacts with anyone.) Well, these 2 girls "played" for a good 10 minutes. It was so touching to see Grandma clap her hands and then put Tessa's fingers in her mouth. Tessa reciprocated and put Grandma's fingers in her mouth, etc. Wow...what a beautiful thing! You know, the 2 really have a lot in common right now. So dependant on others to take care of them, diapers, little ability to communicate their needs, amazing how our life goes around in one big circle. This was Mark and my highlight of the day...thanks, Connie, for giving all of us that special moment. :)


theolsons said...

great update! fabulous pictures! seeing tessa and grandma together was truly a gift to us all!

alison said...

Tessa has grown so much since ya'll were here! I see you got the new swaddle blankets-do you like them?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Go Team Fieldhouse! Awesome updating! :) And yes, Tessa pretty much is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Glad we are all in agreement.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Great pics! Tessa is so cute...what a smile....I think her eyes even have a twinkle in them.
I would love to swing by and see you all...if I can figure out a way with my intence work schedule...soon, I hope!


Jennifer Gray said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the emails I've been sending you have bounced back. Email when you can.
:) Jen Gray

Anonymous said...

I think your loyal readers are anxious for more updates! I speak for all of us when I say "Updates, please!" Ha!