Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Stay at Home" Mom

I must say...I have really enjoyed my new job as a "stay at home" mom. Tessa is a wonderful little girl and every morning I look forward to spending another day with her (so far at least). We walked to Valley Christian on Friday and had the opportunity to see some of my teacher/ friends. :) It was so nice to re-connect with them and to just be in that environment again. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any students THIS time around...hopefully next time. :)

Tia and I have gotten together a couple times to go walking. Here are Madelyn and Tessa all set to go!
Pamela and Malachi have gone walking with us as well. Notice how cashed out these guys are! The strollers must be super comfy.

Fun bonding with the girls from House Church on a weekday morning, can't beat it! And this is my job! :)