Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer Summary

OK, I'm going to quit being so intimidated to get started blogging again. It's not like your all thinking to yourself, "we want to know all the details of the way the Fieldhouse's summer vacation ended". And if you are, call me. :) Let's just say that I hit a wall in Portland (one of my favorite cities to visit) and got really antsy to be done with our vacation of going, going, going...I wanted to be able to BE. So, we packed our things up from the Budd's house and drove all the way to Yreka, slept in a hotel parking lot, and made it to Fresno by dinner time. We got to see the Copeland family here for about 3 hours, so great! :) Then we drove all the way home that night, getting in around 1 a.m. Mark was a champ!!!! Praise God for a wonderful husband who enjoys driving at night.
Since then, we've done some things to the house, the yard, and got reacquainted with all our friends out here. It feels so good to be home. :)
Mark started work a week ago and I've been a full-time mom and thoroughly enjoy it. We've been going for lots of walks, meeting friends for coffee, going to doctor's appointments, etc.
Speaking of doctor's appointments...
-Tessa just got her 4 month shots yesterday. :(
-She got a new obturator last week (the old one was starting to fall out on it's own)
-We got Tessa's surgery date...October 12 @ 7:30 a.m. Please pray for all of us as we begin to mentally, emotionally, and physically get ready for it. (Side note: before Tessa was born all we could think about was "let's get the surgery done as soon as possible" but now I'm dreading it. We love her look! To think about her lip/nose/mouth looking totally different is a bit scary. I'll write more on this later. I'm just thankful that God knows exactly what she's going to look like after this surgery and He's working on preparing us already.)
Details: The doctor wants to do her lip in 2 stages. First stage...close up the closer of the 2 sides as well as bring down her cute little lip. She's also going to be getting tubes put in her ears (pretty much all cleft babies get this done). Second stage (3 months later)...close up the larger opening in her lip. He's doing it in 2 stages to try to prevent a "tight" upper lip. That's all we know for now. We have an appointment a week b/f the surgery for the doctor to prep us.
We will keep you all posted on whatever else we find out.
Happy Birthday, Erin!!!
Happy Birthday, Lauren!!!


cristina said...

you guys are in my prayers!

august said...

itll go great. sad to say, but with kids making fun of eachother as much as they do, tessa will thank you for doing this to her now, when she is young :)

danielle said...

i will definitely be praying for you all!

Jennifer Gray said...

I SO vividly remember reading a parent's thoughts on being sad and missing her baby's face the way it was before surgery. I couldn't understand it - at all. Now I know what that mom meant. I LOVED Jordan's smile before but I also LOVE her smile now.

It's definately a hard thing to get your mind around - that you're forever altering the way your child was made but it's one of those things that needs to be done and you will love the new look just as much, I promise.
I remember getting teary eyed when I saw Tessa smile a little and the outside part of her top lip curled up with that ball of skin just like Jordan's used to. Just like every stage of parenthood it's hard to move forward sometimes but all part of the experience. We are absolutely praying for you as you prepare!