Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Update is on the way!

Please don't give up on us! I realize that it's been way too long of time since we've given you any updates on our lives...we haven't stopped blogging, we're just recuperating from a long summer of travelling. :) Life is rough. Mark went back to school today and I officially started my new full-time job...motherhood. More to come...


Nadelhoffer said...

I've been waiting!!! I keep checking your site for updates, and nothing! Of course I have no room to talk, I need to update mine, too, but it's fun giving you a hard time.

danielle said...

yay for updates!
glad to hear you had a good summer!

all of us are missing you at tennis!

hope all is going fantastic! :)

Jennifer Gray said...

What a great new job you have! Just think about it - you get to hang out with that sweet baby all day long and play, play, play! What a gift! It's THE most rewarding career despite popular opinion. :)
It sounds like you had a great summer! Update whenever you can.
Love, Jen Gray

Anonymous said...

ok....when life is not so hectic (for me too) I would love to make you all some pasta!