Thursday, October 25, 2007

Visit with Jordan Joy

Jordan Joy & Tessa Joy

We had the opportunity to go to UCLA Medical Center tonight to visit dear little Jordan Gray and her parents Shannon & Jen. What a delightful visit...she was awake and alert for us when we arrived (and we actually got to bring Tessa in to see her.:)) She had just gotten her ventilation tube taken out just a while ago and she's doing well enough to go home to see her grandma and brother tomorrow! Yeah! :) God has been huge throughout this journey that Jordan and her parents have been on! What a testimony of His goodness & love. Blessings on you guys, thanks for allowing us to come and visit. Jordan, you're an amazing little girl!


Jennifer Gray said...

Yay! We loved having you come and having Tessa visit little Jordan was SO special! I think they need to be official surgery friends, visiting each other every surgery. Jordan loves the turtle with the band-aids too! Thanks so much for coming!

Brook said...

I got to your blog from Jordan's and i am just so thankful that the Lord has provided Jennifer and Jordan with such great friends that know exactly what they are going through. He is so faithful to meet our needs when we trust in Him.