Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She's Growing

Here's Tessa on a pillow at a few days old...

See the difference at 6 months old:

We just got back from Tessa's 6 month check-up and found out a few statistics about how she's growing. Not sure if percentages mean anything to anyone, but I'm going to throw them in for the fun of it. :)

Length at Birth: 22 1/2 inches Now: 27 1/2 inches (95%)
Weight at Birth: 7 lb 11 oz Now: 16 lb 11 oz (60%)
Head Size: N/A Now: 17 inches (75% she's one smart cookie!)

The doctor was very impressed with how she's progressing, so nice to hear such wonderful things about your own kid! :)

I also told you that I would update you with what the plastic surgeon had to say:
It was actually quite uneventful. She's healing well so he wants to see us again next Thursday to see how things have progressed. He didn't seem to be surprised that her lip popped back up and that the suture came undone, so that's good. :)
He's fine with us feeding her with her doesn't seem to be putting any pressure on her lip. He also told us that we can start taking off her "no-nos" if it will make her more comfortable. (Side-note: We had already been doing this, but I put them back on her just for the appointment, is that bad? :))
At the last minute I asked Dr. Wells when he thought the next surgery would be. He hoped that it would take place before the New Year...but he wasn't 100% sure on that. He decided that he's going to close the wider of the 2 openings first. This is different from what he told us before. The reason for the change? He doesn't want a lot of tension on the lip after it's been repaired and by doing the wider of the 2 sides first will eliminate the amount of tension for the full lip repair.
That was it! I'm sure I forgot many othe questions, but that information will do for now.

Our friend, Jordan Gray, is currently at UCLA Medical Center recooperating after her big surgery. Check out their blog if you're interested...she needs lots of prayer right now. Her throat swelled up during her surgery so they had to insert a ventilator to do her breathing for her. We're looking forward to going to visit her tomorrow night!


august said...

she looks like she grew way more than 5 inches! shes going to be a tall little girl :)

alison said...

She sure has grown! I like the bedding by the way! :) And to answer your question-yes I have gone back to work, but at a different hospital. I now work in town-yeah!


Anonymous said...

You are going to have one tall beautiful girl on your hands. Noah will soon be out of the running for her heart as she is an inch away from being taller than her older friend.

Your short friend with a short son,