Saturday, October 06, 2007

Operation Update

Mark, Tessa and I met with Dr. Wells on Thursday afternoon and got a little bit more information about Tessa's surgery.
Here are the FACTS:
- The surgery will take place this upcoming Friday (October 12) at 7:30 in the morning.
- It will take from 1-3 hours depending on how well it's going.
- Procedure: right now Dr. Wells plans on taking a piece of bone out from the roof of Tessa's mouth so her upper lip will drop down and back a little bit. If he feels that it looks good, he will then put a metal pin up through her lip to help stabilize it. He then will POSSIBLY close one side of her lip (the closer of the two). This is new information to us. We thought for sure that he was going to close 1 side of her lip...he told us that he would like to have "options" depending on how things go. We like the conservativeness of Dr. Wells. If he needs to go slower to make it look just right, so be it.
- Tessa will most likely spend 1 night in the hospital. They only allow 1 parent to stay with her, so I am going to stay...I (Allison) will most likely sleep better in a hospital setting.
- As soon as Tessa is out of surgery she will have to wear arm restraints for 2 weeks. :( Poor thing! She's going to need all the loving she can everyone is invited over to the house to help cheer her up and give her EXTRA loving. Thankfully she'll have BOTH grandmas around to spoil her. Yes, my mom is coming out on the 14th to spend 4 days with us. :) We are so excited!
- Feeding will be yet another issue. Her obturator is coming out this Wednesday and we're going to go back to the sirenge feeding days. Again, 2 weeks of this. Hopefully she'll adapt well.

Please, please, please keep us all in your prayers this week leading up to Friday.
(Tessa: bravery, quick recovery, little pain Us: confidence in Dr. Wells, acceptance of Tessa's new look, patience with the journey we are about to embark on, FAITH Dr. Wells: a steady hand, wisdom, a clear vision of what Tessa's lip will/should look like)

It gives me so much hope knowing that God is in complete control and knows how all of this is going to turn out. Fortunately none of this is in our hands but in His. Sure, it's going to be very difficult getting used to a new look on our precious little girl's face, but no matter what she looks like, she's still going to have the sweetest spirit glowing all over her face!

Some recent pictures of Tessa


cristina said...

i see a calvin college sweatshirt in the last pic... good choice :)
and incredible update... i just got back from camp roger and was delighted to read and see all the updates of the life and times of the fieldhouses :)

Sarah said...

yay for an update. i was just thinking about you guys the other day wandering what you were up to. I love blogs. and i'm totally going to go join rei so i can go to the sales and make some money.

Tina said...

Hi Mrs. Fieldhouse!! I saw that you posted on Cristina's blog.... so I decided to visit yours! I will definitely be praying for you/Mr. Fieldhouse/Tessa in the coming weeks! :)

I was just thinking about you yesterday, actually... in my dorm building there's this exercise room on the first floor, and I went there with a few people... and I was showing them how to use the machines/free weights thanks to what YOU taught me from those weight training classes! :)

- Tina Hayashi

Anonymous said...

We will definitely be praying for you three on Friday!
Ben and Betsy (Klaasen) Dykhouse

august said...

God bless...

Anonymous said...

The Murray/Hartley family is praying for you all! We love you!

danielle said...

hope everything runs as smoothly as possible tomorrow.

you guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

love the updates and hope to see you again soon! :)