Friday, October 12, 2007

Post OP - BEWARE some graphic pictures

We arrived at the hospital at 6am with a drowsy little girl. She handled the pre-op very well considering that she couldn't eat for 2 hours. She actually fell asleep 20 mintues before her surgery was going to start which was a relief. We meet with the anathesiolgist and he took her into the OR without a wimper. The surgery took 2.6 hours, a little bit longer than expected. She appears to be in a little pain and still not really coherent. We are hanging out in the recovery room until we get a room in the childrens wing so stay tuned for more info. Our first feeding is at 3 oclock so you can pray that that goes well. Having to be fed by a syringe is a real pain to do sore mouth. Thanks again for everyone who has been praying, emailing, calling, and sending letters. It means a ton to team Fieldhouse.

Here she is in her hospital getup a little tired, hungry, and confused

Cashed out right before being taken to surgery.

This is post op surgery out like a light but doing good. On ocassional wimper every couple of minutes due to pain.

A look up into her mouth. They took a piece of bone out of the center part of her lip that stuck out so that it would drop back. They also sutured both sides of her middle lip so that it would help hold the middle lip in place. The sutures are not permanent and should fall out in a week or so. This hopefully would give the middle piece enough time to heal and firm up.

Side shot of her face showing that they taped her lip down forcing her nose to collapse.


Anonymous said...

What a brave girl (and parents)! Looks like things went well and Tessa is as beautiful as ever. Great work Team Fieldhouse! :)

Love you guys,

theolsons said...

You guys are so on top of things with posting pics already! She looks fabulous! You are in our prayers daily.

danielle said...

thanks so much for the update! it is so great to hear how everything went.
what a great trooper tessa is and her parents too.
my family and i will continue to pray for you all!

danielle and family

Larissa said...

Yeah! I am glad things went well today. I was praying. Hope recovery follows likewise. Can I nominate you all for a "most amazing parents" award.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! Thinking about you and praying for you throughout the day. Will continue!
xo Jill, Ryan and Tryg

august said...

im glad to hear everything went all right- looks like the doctor did a pretty good job, right?
praying for tessa (and both of you)

Dotty said...

Allison,Mark & Tessa,

Promise to write a book someday on your courageous journey of faith and love. Such beautiful eyes on that Tessa. A natural beauty like her mom.
We love you,
Aunt Dotty & Fam