Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visit from Grandma!

My mom came out all the way from Michigan to give Tessa some good lovin'! So great to see her and hang out for a few days. :) Not only did she love on Tessa, she also helped me with some house projects that have been put on the way-side. Thanks for coming out, Mom! We love you!


danielle said...

how fun! i'm glad tessa is doing well!

it was great to see you the other day at our match. thanks for coming!

hope to see you again soon :)

Sarah said...

how nice! tessa looks like she's doing great! do you and your mom have matching sweaters?

thefieldhouses said...

Why yes, Sarah, we do. You can be part of the "club" as well if you so please...Costco special! :)