Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tessa Update...

Here are some pictures of the first night home from the hospital:

We went to the surgeon for a post-op visit last Wednesday...he was at home, sick. :(
His assistant woman did the honors of removing Tessa's tape. It was a bit messy under there, lots of dried blood and such (so tough for me NOT to touch!) She pretty much looks the same as what she did before the surgery to be perfectly honest. The upper lip has found it's way back to it's original position and one of the sutures has come out (on the wider of the 2 sides...the doctor said that may happen, no big deal if it does). So, we go back tomorrow (Monday) and meet with the doctor himself. We are very interested to see what he has to say about how she looks and to hear what his plans are for Tessa's future surgeries. We'll keep you posted.

Regarding our little pumpkin...she's been a trooper.
- The feeding video that was posted last week is way out-dated. We went back to the good 'ol pigeon nipple bottle. She's loving it and her feedings are taking way less time. Praise God!
- She's been very emotional lately and cries at the drop of a needle. (We're hoping that it has to do with the side-effects from surgery.) Mark also wants me to add that he's having a difficult time dealing with 2 emotional women (whatever buddy, he's got it made more than he even knows!)
- She's super close to sitting up all by herself. She sits up inbetween our legs, without any help, while playing with her blocks.
- She hasn't had much of a voice since the surgery. We thought it was a cold, but this raspy voice has been lingering and it's JUST her vocal chords. From a selfish stand-point it hasn't been that bad. It has actually muffled her cry quite a bit. :)


august said...

awww... im glad shes been handling it so well. how are you guys handling it?