Friday, November 30, 2007

Catch Up

This past weekend (Thanksgiving) we had a ton of fun. Here are some pictures of our 2nd Annual Tryptophantastic Run/Walk through Bellflower and then a couple of
Silent Valley Campground.

A photo was taken at the beginning of the race. We look like a bunch of wanna-be athletes.

Here is a re-enactment of the photo finish

A family photo just after the race.

Tessa won a prize for the cutest chicken outfit. It was a cool flashlight that when the mouth opens up the flashlight turns on.


Tessa all snuggled up and ready for a walk with mom to the fresh water spring.

Santa stopped by the campground when he was taking abreak from making toys and took this photo with Tessa. He charged us 3 bucks... times must be tough at the North Pole!


august said...

i love the springer spaniel in your video!

oh my goodness! you go to silent valley? i spent a portion of all my summers in silen valley!!! how awesome! i used to love it up there. actually, we were thinking about going up that same weekend! how weird would it have been if we had seen eachother up there?!?
anyway, ya, thats cool. they charge to sit on santa's lap now?!? i remember doing that once, but i dont think we had to pay...

Megan said...

$3 is a steal! Plus you got a bonus Mrs. Claus! At malls it is like $7 just for Santa. I suppose Santa's got bills to pay too and heat at the North Pole ain't cheap!

laurabeth said...

Love the smile on Tessa all snuggled up! and the hat! Too cute! Glad to hear you are all doing great! Laura VW

Chrissy Padilla said...

I'm so sad that I missed tryptophantastic 2008. I feel like there's a perfect gap for me in the first picture. Maybe we can photoshop my face in there because I was there in spirit.