Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've got an AMAZING Husband!

Check this guy out!

He works on my scooter that hasn't been running for the last, oh, 7 months. (It still isn't running, but the effort is SO there!)

He lays a wood floor like it's no big deal. (The finished product looks absolutely beautiful!) Granted, he couldn't have done it without his side-kick Louie. Great job guys. :)

He buys clothes for our daughter (note the GREAT big collar, she actually makes it look pretty good! Thank goodness it was from the Goodwill!)

AND, he's just the best husband ever...period. :) I love you Honey.


Anonymous said...

Hey I like that collar. She looks amazing in it. Good job Mark

august said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Do I recognize that floor?. Very nice job. I looks great. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Steve.

Jennifer Gray said...

You just better make sure that husband of yours doesn't take little Tessa outdoors on a windy day in that thing - she might just blow away! So funny! Jen