Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yes, our little one has begun solid foods. :) This was NOT something I was looking forward's so simple to pump and then feed her the breast milk! Now, this whole new world of introducing different foods and such (a tad bit overwhelming to me). Mark and I are going to make her food, a book that was recommended to me has made this transition much less intimidating to me...Super Baby Food.
Tessa is eating avocado in these pictures, sweet potatoes are going to be her next food (works out great seeing how I'm in charge of a sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving dinner tonight!)
Oh, by the way, Tessa is celebrating her 7th month birthday today...cake/sweet potatoes...they're both sweet! She'll never know the difference. :)


cristina said...

those are great pics! i think having food all over her face is tessa's way of saying "compliments to the chef!" :)
and as for the cupps mug, i am one step ahead of ya... i remember you mentioning something about them some time ago... either that or i am psychic. i have a feeling that it'll arrive sometime around tuesday?
happy thanksgiving!

august said...

tessa's first thanksgiving! how fun!

danielle said...

adorable pictures and video! tessa looks like she is thoroughly enjoying her avocado. oh, the joys of introducing solid fun and so messy. :)

have a good thanksgiving!

amy said...

love the pics and video!!! she is so cute!! happy thanksgiving!!

Sarah said...

you guys are too funny. somehow i didn't know avocado was supposed to be the first food. I'll have to try that one on brennan.

Jennifer Gray said...

That's the same book I used for Noah. I loved making his food! I would pick the veggies and fruits for the week and make them all on Sunday. It was nice to have them all packed and ready for the week. I would recommend buying a steamer though becuase of the chemicals released in plastic when food is heated in it (I think the book recommends using a tupperware type container). Just a thought.
Happy pureeing!
Jen Gray