Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We installed Skype this week. :)
My sister Erin (in Alaska) had the brilliant idea of surprising my parents (who are here visiting) with a planned video phone call. My dad had already gone to bed, but my mom was very surprised. :) So fun to actually SEE Erin, Mike, AND Freeman while talking to them. Because we were so excited about Skype, we stayed up late trying to find out who else has an account. We got ahold of the Copelands in Indonesia and Cristina at Calvin the next day. If you have an account please let us know so we can chat "in person".
Since then, we decided to go out and buy our own camera (we were borrowing someone else's). Now, we can do all fun things to our image. Good times. :)


cristina said...

"now we can do all fun things to our image."
haha, sounds great... i can't wait :)

Jennifer Gray said...

I'm going online to check it out right now. A couple years ago we got a webcam for us and for my mom on the east coast. We got it all set up but her connection was slower than ours so it didn't work well.
Can we do it if we have a webcam?

Jennifer Gray said...

ok i checked it out...i can't figure out if you can register for free. it seems that the "free" package lists other services that cost. knowing you two frugal folks this is free but i can't figure it out.
email me letting me know.