Friday, February 01, 2008

Fun with Skyping!

We started this whole thing while my parents were out. Erin (in Alaska) wanted to surprise my parents by secretly setting up a time to skype. She doesn't even have it on her computer, but now she's got us hooked and hopefully my parents...Erin, you gotta get rid of your dial-up! :)
Anyway, since then, we went out and bought ourselves a nice webcam and searched for other skype users who we can call. Let's just say...we've been having a great time talking with friends! From Portland to Indonesia to Calvin College to Bellflower...
First webcam portrait:
Say "Cheese"!
The Budds in Portland: Sarah, Dave, and Brennan

The Copelands in Indonesia: Gavin, Paul, and Hazel (sorry I cut you out, Martha! I'll get one of you next time.) This connection was amazing...we were able to chat for about 10 minutes!

Cristina at Calvin College (you didn't even know I took your picture, did you...thankfully you're looking great!)

Chrissy working in Bellflower...flashing a winning smile :)

And finally, Mark being Mark...who knows what he does when I'm not looking. :)


Jennifer Gray said...

Okay I'm ready to sign up for Skype...not totally sure how it works yet but I'll work on getting it hooked up next week and the girls can chat it up. Hi Tessa from Jordan!!!