Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who laid the egg?

Hopefully we will be soon. We took a walk down to our local bellflower feed stor and got some 411 on raising chickens. I am getting excited about this idea that has been thrown around at our house church. Allison is going along for the ride and curious to see if I peter out on this idea. I think it would be a riot to go out in my backyard everyday to collect 1-2 eggs. I picture Tessa running around in the backyard chasing these chickens all over. I get a big grin on my face just thinking about it. So in my research I have found it will cost about 7-10 bucks a month for bedding and food. They need just a little space. One they are done laying eggs we can cut their heads off, defeather them and have some fresh organic chicken for dinner. Just kidding about the cut their heads off. I get thw willies just smashing a spider. The feed man said you can probably get some at the local pet store seeing how it is almost Easter. I leave you with this picture that I though was cool but maybe a little impractical for our backyard. It will inspire us all the think about doing this fun project!


VerWys Family said...

so who's idea was this?? :) we know where you can get the chickens and you don't have to pay to feed them, come talk to us to get the real 411

august said...

go for it! i can remember having chickens in my backyard growing up. and yes, we did end up chopping the head off of one- he used to try to peck our eyes. i think we had our own "disecting experiment" with him :P