Monday, March 03, 2008

Petting, Building, Growing, Watering

Well, it's been quite a while since we've updated the, we haven't gotten our chickens yet but Mark has been doing a ton of research on the home that we're going to build for them. We went to visit someone in Bellflower who raises them...he was quite the inspiration! Here are some of his chickens. Tessa even got to pet them. :) I'm so excited to get mine...I already have her name picked out! :)
This leads me to a couple different things that I want to share with you. First, something that Mark and I built (almost a month ago already). We decided that it was going to be our Valentine's Day gift to eachother. :) The time we spent together building it was lots of fun too. I was honored that Mark let me help him...good bonding (ended up putting it together several nights after Tessa was sleeping).

Here she is:

This brings me to the next fun thing that we've been up to: OUR GARDEN. :)

It's been a couple of weeks since we planted our seeds...everyday we anxiously go and see if there are any seedlings peeking up out of the dirt. Unfortunately our patience is being tested. These guys sure are taking their time this year! In first place we've got the sugar peas, close behind are the green beans, coming in third are the rhubarb with a close fourth being the zucchinis. No shows so far have been basil, sweet pepper, bell pepper, and cucumber. Come on guys...what's taking so long???

We decided to try vertical gardening this year. This will hopefully allow us to grow more things because we have more room for them if they're growing UP rather than OUT. This is another kind of trellis that we built. On the far right we've got tomatoes and then going to the left are the sugar peas, green beans, and cucumbers at the far left side. It should be fun to see what it looks like when everything is full-grown! We'll be sure to post those pics as well.

We pulled out a bunch of stuff from the front of our house. It looks a little naked right now, but hopefully things will start to grow soon. We've got a blackberry bush on the left, a raspberry one in the middle, and blueberries on the right. I also scattered a bunch of flower seed to the right of the orange tree and all around the bird house tree. Again, we'll send out more pics when things start growing.
It's been fun watering the garden with Tessa. She loves to reach her hand out and touch the water. We've got one of those nozzles that has 7 different settings, she loves all of them, soft or hard. :)


Sarah said...

i want a garden.

august said...

some of my best memories was picking peas and corn out in the garden with my mom