Monday, March 03, 2008

House Church Get-Away

"We've got some great friends"

This is what Mark and I talked about as we headed down the mountain from a weekend with our House Church. We rented a beautiful cabin up in Big Bear where we relaxed, played lots of ping-pong (Mark and I dominated...I must say, I'd rather have him on my side than across the table), played some games, cooked great food, snacked on tons of yummy munchies, talked, laughed, worshipped, and basically just enjoyed each other's company. :)
Fun weekend! It just went by way too fast.

Keith reading to the kiddos: Ely, Tessa, & Micah

Taffy and Elijah playing around

A couple of family pics

Tessa does know how to's not too often that we catch her just chillin' out.
Tessa and Ava playing in the snow (Ava thoroughly enjoyed EATING the snow). Heidi knitted all the kids a fun hat. :)