Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break

Well, we were thinking about going camping during Mark's Spring Vacation, but then collectively decided that Tessa isn't quite ready for that (crawling and putting everything in her mouth + dirt ground = yuck!) So, we hung out in our area and got some things crossed off our list of "to-dos". :)

We went to Shane's 30th birthday party where we were humiliated by the Wii.
Here are Shane & Autumn showing off their fancy footwork on Dance Dance Revolution.
Mark makes an attempt to show off his skills. :)

Tessa thought she'd try too.

We went hiking out in Laguna's canyons. This is the first family hike that we've done. It went very well (except for the occasional snake spotting!)

Yes, that IS a rattler (I think this is the first one I've ever seen in the wild!) I don't know about all these first encounters that I've been having with reptiles. They sure aren't helping me get over my phobias!

Mark wanted to take a nap with Tessa...he had been looking forward to this for quite some time. All those naps that the two of them used to take together when she was iddy-biddy left him wanting more. When they came out of the room, Tessa seemed to look well rested, Mark on the other hand not so much. "She doesn't sleep as still as she used to...she even threw a few punches in there!"
We cleaned out our garage! Ahhh, so organized. :) Kinda makes us want to hang out in the garage now. We also cleaned out a lot of our camping stuff. Mark posted it on Craigslist and in 24 hours everything had been either picked up or accounted for. Feels good. Have we mentioned how good Craigslist has been to us??? :)
While cleaning out the garage we found our badminton set that we got for a wedding gift. We set it up in our yard and played a heated match while Tessa took her afternoon nap.
I know it's hard to see, but Mark got a welt on the side from a shuttle-cock (birdie)...yep, it was me who hit it! I had to put the guy in his place for talking so much smack. :) I was quite proud of myself. You can tell that he milked it pretty good.
Anyone wanna play? We're ready for some fierce competition!
Team Fieldhouse vs. ______


Nadelhoffer said...

I would love to have Team Nadelhoffer take on the shuttlecock princess and her welted hubby! Go Cookie!