Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

At last...a place for our chickens to call home!
The good news is that we have ourselves a hen, the bad news is that we also have ourselves 2 roosters! Not sure if we'll be keeping those guys...any takers?
It seems as if all three are enjoying themselves in their new home. Mark did the majority of the building while Tessa and I were in Michigan...good job, Honey! The neighbor kids have been over quite a bit to see if they can "catch" the chickens. We've been working on teaching them the proper way to hold a chicken (you'd think they'd never done it before! ;)).
Anyway, all is going well. The chicks sleep upstairs and play downstairs. We're still working on building nesting boxes and a nice place for them to perch.


theolsons said...

which one is the hen?

cristina said...

great pictures you guys... tessa is such a little water baby... and i love her floatie toy.
and your chickens are hilarious.
allison, i do get reception... in fact, i get better reception here than i do in bellflower... strange. but i am not working/don't have any plans tomorrow, so maybe we can chat then.

ps. your guys' lawn looks amazing... especially those nice clean edges.