Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cush Camping in Silent Valley

We headed up to Silent Valley Campground for a nice long weekend between Mark's regular school and summer school. So great. It was blazing hot, but fortunately for us, we had Mark's parent's 5th wheel. Cushy cushy. I think Tessa appreciated the cool temps inside the trailor. We're going to have to take her on a "roughin' it" camping trip so she doesn't get too comfortable. :)
We had lots of highlights throughout the weekend. One of them was the Silent Valley Tram that goes all around the campground. Mark had a great time pointing out all of his favorite childhood memories of Silent Valley. :)

I mentioned the word "cush" in the title of this entry b/c the kind of "camping" that we do out here is basically home away from home. Here is a short clip of Tessa trying to eat spaghetti. She makes us so proud.


cristina said...

wow! amazing update... great pics and stories.
and tessa just keeps growing! she's quite the cutie.