Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mud Run

My stud husband decided to join two groups in a back-to-back weekend Mud Run. Tessa and I were only able to cheer him on the first weekend (Hope Team) and unfortunately missed out on the second weekend (Blew By You...Mark and his brothers + 2). I chose the right one...Mark "led" the team to a 2nd place finish out of 132!!! Granted, he almost died at the end, but finishing a 10k (with lots of boot-campish obstacles) in 1:03:17 is pretty stinkin' impressive to me! He still has nightmares about going up the 2 mile hill/mountain. His favorite part was swimming across an unexpected lake. Team Hope Tigers
A couple of minutes into the race they got blasted with water...this was the first of 3 blastings.
Each of the teams had to finish the race with linked arms.
Crossing the finish line!
Exhausted & Muddy!