Monday, August 11, 2008

More Alaska Pics

Well, Mom and Dad, we took this picture just for you. :)
I'd say it turned out pretty good, seeing how we did it in about 30 seconds. :)

Before the Arctic Valley Trail Race...notice how cold it looks! Thank goodness we were running to keep warm.
Racing to the finish line. Pretty funny...Mark was trying to push me out of the way so he could finish before me...whatever! However, we both DID get beat by a 87 year old man. Who cares what place you finish when that kind of thing happens.
Relaxing in the morning with Tessa and Freeman.


Sierra said...

Looks like a great time! What fun to see picutres!

Anonymous said...

great pics allison-always a good time when you're w/ family! --Jlouw

Anonymous said...

great pics-always a good time when you're w/ family! jlouw

Anonymous said...

what a fun trip you guys had. You are looking good!

sue vb