Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vacation At Its Finest!

These past couple of weeks in Anchorage, AK have been absolutely wonderful! Living life with my sister Erin, brother-in-law Mike, and precious nephew Freeman was such a lovely time. It's not too often that we get to live life with them. When we're all "home" for Christmas things are quite busy and time to just "be" doesn't always happen. We got lots of those moments in Alaska. Mark and Mike worked on their bus and did lots of fishing, Erin and I were able to hang-out with the kiddos, go for coffee, take walks, run errands, cook, etc. Mark and I ran our first mountain race (yes, we literally "ran" up a mountain!) I was able to be part of a baby shower for Erin (who is due mid-Sept.)...what a treat it was to meet many of her friends! We were even blessed with a free glacier day-cruise. I think one of my highlights was watching Tessa and Freeman play together. What fun! :)
Enjoy the pics...hopefully they will capture the wonderful time we all had together.
Moose on the golf course
Erin's favorite "coffee shop"...nice walking destination.
Tessa and Mommy playing in the beautiful backyard.
Precious girl!

Cousins playing around in the VW bus. Little Buddies. :)
Going for a walk through their neighborhood
Hanging out on the driveway
Our free cruise...the weather was not the best but we had a fun time.
What a couple of cuties!
"Loving" on eachother :)
Hanging out with Uncle Mike at a favorite breakfast joint.
Freeman loves to play his harmonica (he's actually really good!)
Oh, to be a little person again!
Playing in the backyard on a beautiful sunny day.
Mark and Mike workin' on the VW bus.
Again, what a cutie pie!

More pictures to come...I'm waiting on Mike and Erin to pass some along (hint hint).
And just for the record...that picture is NOT of Tessa duct-taped to the wall! We've gotten lots of grief for that one. We would NEVER do that to our least yet. :)
In our discussions with Mike and Erin, we too realized that vacation actually begins NOT when boarding the plane but when we actually reach our destination. Anything BEFORE & AFTER that is now considered travelling...thanks Tessa, you travel very well (even if you choose to not to sleep on the plane).


august said...

it looks like you guys had fun! and the scenery is beautiful!!!
and i love tessa's smile, i dont think i had seen it for quite some time.

august said...
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Chrissy Padilla said...

I love the picture of her and her little boots! So cute!

cristina said...

ah! tessa looks so big! and i don't think she was walking quite yet when i was last in CA. i am super excited to see her.
looks like you guys had a blast.