Saturday, September 06, 2008

Large post: Last 1 1/2 weeks of summer

For my birthday we hosted a BBQ and the first annual Wii-lympics at our house. We had a bunch of friends over, each of them represented a country, and we all competed against each other. I was DenMARK and Allison was Yemen (she pronounces it as "yeah-man"). We played tennis, dance dance revolution, and guitar hero. There was one wii going on inside and one outside. Similar to the actually olympics where multiple games are going on at one time.
Here are some pictures:

Pamela really getting into the tennis... check out that form!

Autumn made 2 incredible cakes for my birthday...incredible!

Shaun and Ryan rocking out
The final standing: Chrissy got gold, Aaron got silver and Ryan got bronze.
Happy Birthday to me...what more could a man ask for?

We also went camping up in the mountains for a couple of days.
This oddly was one of Tessa's favorite spots to be: in her chair under the table, silly girl.

Before leaving for the pool I asked Tessa if she wanted to go in the bag...she said yes... so, we were off.

We had some free tickets to the Discovery Center so we went the day before Allison and Tessa flew back to Michigan. This place was pretty cool. Everything was hands on and perfect for kids ages 2-10.

Bed of nails.. borderline painful/uncomfortable

Here we are swimming on the green screen

This is Allison in the wind tunnel feeling winds up to 75 mph.


Sarah said...

what a lot of fun. happy birthday ( a while ago)

august said...

i went to silent valley a week ago! what a fun last week of summer.

Kent, Tammy, and Hannah Eilers said...

What a blast! That wii olympics is a GREAT idea!!!!
Hope you guys are doing well.
Love the picture of your daughter in the bag (: