Thursday, September 11, 2008

Magnificent Michigan

"Hangin' Out" with Grandpa & Grandma :)
What a lovely time we had in Holland, Michigan. I don't think we could have picked a better week; the weather was amazing! Not only did Tessa and I hang out with my parents, but we also got to spend some good quality time with my grandpa. :) We touched base with a few others, but we mostly laid low. Tessa had a blast hanging out in her grandparent's house/yard/driveway/ much to see! From picking up all the fallen acorns to pushing her stroller up and down the driveway, she was in heaven! Speaking of stroller, her grandma bought her a stroller the second day we were there...what an absolute genius idea! This little girl wanted to take it EVERYWHERE we went! You will know exactly what I'm talking about once you see the pictures. She's so stinkin' adorable!
Enjoy the pictures...hopefully they capture the beauty of MI and all the fun we had.

Taking a walk to the boat (notice the stroller)

Spending some time on Great-Grandpa's lap (very short-lived, I don't sit still for long)

Again, sitting long enough for mom to take my picture. I love to climb up on things, this chair was a nice challenge.

OK, I'll sit still if someone is reading to me...I love my Grandma's sound effects in this book!


A little video footage for all those who can view videos (sorry Mike and Erin...). Lake Michigan was unbelieveably clear...and extremely brisk! I guess you can't have it all.

Putting our feet in the "brisk" water

I much preferred playing in the sand!

Beach toys are so much fun!

THE BOAT - Lake Macatawa

Grandpa let me drive the boat a couple of times!

Grandma is so silly! She makes some great facial expressions that make me laugh. :)

Mommy and me

Big Red pic

I loved looking at all the seagulls on the poles. Almost every single pole had one standing on it!

Here's proof that I actually drove the boat...all by myself! Thanks Grandpa. :)


Pretty pretty flowers!

This was one of my highlights from the trip...these guys were great! I could have watched them all day long! I especially liked it when the girl would tap dance. :)

This one's for Sue and Scott...kinda fun to sneak up on someone when they have no clue that you're there, pretty funny! :)

Had to get a picture with Mommy's friend, Sue and Ella. Man, these flowers smell amazing!

Bucket o' Peaches

Lot o' Flowers


Walkin' along Lake Macatawa on the new boardwalk

Me and my grandpa & grandma

Mommy & Me


Grandma, Mommy, and I drove to Kalamazoo the night b/f we flew was a bit of a drive so we thought we'd do it the night b/f so we'd get a little more sleep. Here I am cashed out in the hotel's crib. I got a whole 7 hours of sleep (compared to my 11 hours that I usually get)! Mommy was a bit concerned about the flight back home. I was a little grouchy, but I did take an hour nap to give her a little break. :) What a great trip!

Thanks to Mom and Dad for being so generous to Tessa and me as well as being such a joy to be around. Oh, and all the yummy icecream cones! :) -Allison

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for loving on me so much, for all the boatrides, for the stroller, for the acorns, for the stories, for the diaper changes.... -Tessa


laurabeth said...

Sounds like you had a great time! What fun memories to cherish with Tessa!

theolsons said...

You are right, MI is beautiful! Love the pictures, great job on getting so many (I am so bad at that when we visit my parents).

cristina said...

looks like michigan was a blast...awesome pics! and it looks like you caught the last bit of sunny weather... it has been quite rainy lately!

Nadelhoffer said...

Thanks for the pictures. I loved hearing your dad's laugh and seeing your mom. Tessa is just so cute - you can tell she has quite the personality! I was just in GR this weekend - rained the whole time, but got to see my whole family.

danielle said...

cute pictures...looks like a fun trip!
it is amazing how much tessa has grown...she is such a cutie!

it was great to see you the other day at our tennis match! thanks for comming!
hopefully we will be seeing you again soon! :)

Scott & Susan Vanden Berg said...

finally saw the video. embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Hi... sweety Tessa,

We are always keep you in our prayers.... She looks just great, bless you mom and dad.

love and prayer
Greatgrandma, Larry. Conny and Beau