Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are still alive...

Here we are at our first visit to Tanaka farms. They have acres of pumpkins, tractor rides, corn mazes, livestock and even a pumpkin canon. I had heard stories about this place, so we had to go visit to see it in person. We were told they had this canon that launches pumpkins hundreds of yards over a hill. Below is the picture of the canon and the hill that it shoots them over is off to the right, yes that is far!
You would think that this would be totally interesting to Tessa but nope, the only thing she was interested in was all the rocks on the ground. I don't even think she even noticed the 1000's of pumpkins all around. I think we had to set her up for this picture, geeesh, kids.

Currently we are in the awkward stage of growing her hair out and she does not tolerate things in her hair so she always pulls them out, thus constantly having hair in her eyes. It bothers us but apparently not her. Countless times we have been in stores where people have commented like "poor thing, she can't see" and then they proceed to move her hair out of her eyes.... thanks, I didn't notice that.

Again, not to thrilled about taking a picture with the scarecrow because there were rocks on the ground to be played with.

Tessa in her ladybug costume at a local park with some fun games to be played.

Photo of the fam with Tessa's first candy. She was a big fan of it.

The evidence of the blue sucker.

We are trying to explore some art activities on paper. She has been exploring with permanent marker on the fridge door. Hmmm, so far nothing has gotten it off including the magic eraser, goof off, or our apple cleaner.

This is the transition photo into Mark's halloween outfit for his work. Mark was so commited to the outfit that he shaved his facial hair of 7 years. The outfit included a mini skirt, bra, tights, clip on earrings, head band, eyeliner, lip gloss and some blush to accentuate his cheek bones. Don't hate him because he is beautiful.

Meet Crystal. She was Mark's sub for the day. What a hottie!!! Fooled many of the students and got many "looks" from the staff along with double takes. If you can't see the image well wait for our Christmas letter. Mark will include a 5X7 if you want one.

Tessa just being cute.

Trip to the tide pools on Veterans day.


Sarah said...

glad to see you are still alive and having fun. crystal is hilarious.

Chrissy Padilla said...

Mark, I'd appreciate if you didn't steal all the attention from the boys. It's hard enough being a single girl in Bellflower without Crystal, the hottie, flaunting her stuff.