Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Surgery Ahead

Little Pumpkin is having her 4th surgery on Tuesday morning. This one is repairing her wide-open palate. It amazes me to think what exactly the doctor has to do to accomplish this task. Tessa has NO palate. We look in her mouth and see her nasal passage. (It's almost weird to look into other kid's mouths and actually see a palate!)
Anyway, the big day is Tuesday. The time is 7:30 a.m. If you think of us at that time, we'd LOVE your prayers! It will most likely last b/t 2-3 hours plus 2-3 hours in recovery (for some reason we always get stuck in the recovery for MUCH longer than anyone wants to be there). We will end up in a room with another child for the night. Allison will sleep in the fold out chair/bed while Mark camps out in the car in the parking lot. Tessa will be poked and prodded all night long by the loving nurses. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?! :)
We are hoping and praying that everything goes well enough for us to be discharged Wednesday morning sometime. In the past, Tessa has gotten a jolt of energy while in the hospital which makes it difficult to keep her happy (no-nos & IVs). HOWEVER, she is older now so we know what makes her happy...Cedarmont Kids! You better believe we went out and bought another couple of DVDs. :) She'll be so excited! Please pray that we are able to keep her entertained enough so she forgets the pain that she's in.
Tonight at church was a difficult one for me. Watching her play "chase" with Abram and having so much fun almost brought me to tears...knowing that there's going to be a tough journey ahead of her for the next few weeks. So many will she do with her breathing, how will she do with feeding, sleeping, pain management, etc. God only knows. We rest in knowing that He's got Tessa in the palm of His hand.
We've been told that Tessa needs to go back into the hospital (just for a 30 minute surgery) to get her "palate pack" removed. We're not sure what all this entails, execpt for the fact that she'll have to be put under. We'll keep you posted.
Thanks ahead of time for all your prayers. Check back Tuesday afternoon for any updates. We'll do our best at keeping you all informed.


Amanda Walenga said...

Tessa is such a doll. I've been trying to read your blog from the beginning piece by piece.

Well be thinking of you and waiting for updates!

Anonymous said...

We will definately be praying for you and thinking of you. Its amazing what our little ones have endured! We hope all goes great and you can come home as quickly as possible! The VanderWaals

Pamela said...

We will be praying!