Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Tree

I have a feeling that sometime this weekend my sister and her family will be snow-shoeing through all the powder in Alaska in search for the perfect Christmas Tree. They will saw it down, somehow drag it back to the car, load it up on top, and then drive to their favorite soup's been their tradition. What fun! We, on the other hand, are not quite so blessed with the snow, but we DO have many a corner full of Christmas tree lots. We chose Home Depot again this year. Perhaps this will become our tradition??? How exciting. Hmmm.
Anyway, make the best of where you are, right? :)
Here's our Douglass's already been dropping quite a few of its needles (not quite as fresh as the trees up in Alaska.) However, we're going to be spending the majority of the Christmas holiday in MICHIGAN where, God-willing, there WILL be snow! :)
Maybe this will be part our tradition...put our kid(s) up on top of the car with the tree. :) Imagine what that will look like in 15 years! :) This could be fun.

Here's cutie pants


Nadelhoffer said...

What a tradition, and the tying the kid to the top is perfect. We'll try that next year. We always get our parenting tips from you both. How's the car-top accessory doing with her healing? She looks happy, I hope she's feeling well, too. Hugs.