Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fieldhouse Tradition

So, here's a tradition that we totally love...Mark's family gathering has their annual Christmas ornament contest (the ornament is supposed to relate to something that was significant in our year). This year Mark went crazy! :) Check out my creative husband's VW bus...he placed in the top must have been the fact that it was not only an ornament, but a remote controlled VW!

Mine was a simple ornament this year, fruit on one side and veggies on the other side...

Juice Plus.

And Tessa got a new mouth this year. :)
(Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of her ornament.)

Here are some pictures of that memorable day back in October. We feel like we lost a little bit of our identity when we sold it, we're doing OK...thanks for the concern. :)

Putting on our final sticker from our roadtrip...Wyoming 2005 (I know, 3 years later, we just had to complete it.)
Too bad Tessa won't have any memories in the bus. :(
The new owners...they were pretty excited. :)