Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coppertone Girl

We have been having the most amazing weather here in southern California. Normally, I think I would be quite bitter at the fact that it's SUPPOSED to be winter; however, because we got so much "winter" while back in Michigan, it's really allowing me to thoroughly enjoy this 80-degree-with- super-duper-clear-mountain-views weather that we've been having this past week!
As you can see, Tessa is thoroughly enjoying herself as well!

Quick story: Autumn and I have been riding our bikes down to the beach every Wednesday morning for a few weeks now. When we get there, the moms sit and enjoy our coffee/tea while all the kiddos play at the Seal Beach playground. Lovely...especially when Catalina Island seems only a stone's throw away! Anyway ("quick story" is long gone...sorry), toward the end of Tessa's playtime I took off her jacket because it was getting pretty warm. Well, she then started pulling off her shirt! "Tessa, modesty, dear! What has mommy taught you???" I gave in (it was pretty warm out). But then she continues to start pulling off her shorts! What??? Who's daughter is this? She ended up getting what she wanted and rode the whole way home happy as a lark! That is why I took this picture. :)

If this is what it takes to make her happy in her Burley, I'm all for it! At what age does this become inappropriate? ;)


Megan and Chris said...

LOL a girl after my own heart! I think it becomes inappropriate whenever Tessa begins to ponder that question herself. :)

Abbie said...

Oh wow, I'm jealous of the weather. My car said it was 0 degrees out on my way to school this morning. Ugh.

Nadelhoffer said...

I love the outfit. I think that her body language shows modesty, if that's any consideration! Both my kids would prefer to be "nakie" all the time, too. This weekend I'll be posting a video of both of them kung fu fighting in the bare minimum.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This is so cute! Isabel still loves to get naked.. and in front of everyone.

It was nice catch up on you a little by reading your blog!

Hope all is well.

Mary McLeish Arteche