Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Fun

My Friend and Coach in this Juice Plus business of mine :)
We had a Juice Plus Conference this past weekend in Long Beach, CA...I am continually blown away at this amazing product that I get to share with people. Again, 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains everyday! The more I learn about it the more excited I get and the prouder I am to be a part of a great company. :)
Mark and Tessa got to go to a birthday party at the beach while I was at the conference.

Tessa enjoying the sand. :) Thanks for the pic, Pamela!

Yep, we finally broke our first egg. Look at all those beauties! We ended up making 2 9X13 pans worth of an Egg Strata for House Church. Some exciting news on the homefront...I think our non-laying chicken laid an egg yesterday! It was smaller than normal (then again, what's normal???) and she didn't lay it in the right spot. Interesting...we'll keep you posted. :)


Sarah said...

eggs! how fun!

Jennifer Gray said...

Hi Fieldhouses!!!
I got caught up on your blog...I cannot believe my eyes. Tessa is huge!!! She turns 2 next month right? Or is it June? She is a giant compared to Jordan. Honestly! I'm shocked and that thick head of hair is precious.
Allison - I wanted to ask you to keep your eyes open for an Ergo Baby Carrier. I'm dying carrying Jordan around everywhere and she's now too big for my sling but can't walk very far. Help! You're the deal master so I thought I'd ask you put your feelers out. Lemme know if you find anything.
Love, Jen :) :) :)