Monday, March 23, 2009

Hope HS Fiesta Fantastica

I love where Mark works! He gets to work with a lot of great people on a campus that is all about having fun. :) Last Thursday, the 12th, the school had a Family Night called Fiesta Fantastica. The teachers were encouraged to dress according to the theme. So, Mark, being the rule follower that he is, hooked me up with a legit traditional folk Mexican outfit...pretty sweet! Tessa even wore a little Mexican shirt that one of Mark's aide's gave her. Nice to see that we were by far the most dressed up out of everybody. Oh well, it was lots of fun. :) (I even tried to learn one of the dances that the Mexican women do in these skirts, I didn't quite nail that one down before the big night).

Tessa and I went around to all the booths...we played Bueno Bingo, made paper flowers for our hair, sampled some authentic food, watched some Mexican dancers, listened to a Marachi band, and visited Mark at the pinatas. What a fun night! Hope High School really knows how to throw a good party! :)