Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Alaska Adventure

OK, let's rewind here to Thursday, March 26. Tessa and I headed out to Anchorage, AK to surprise my sister for a nice long weekend. What an exciting feeling! The flight to Seattle went very smoothly and the adrenaline was really starting to kick in..."I sure hope this works! How is Erin going to react??? She's going to be so excited!" Anyway, you get the picture. Well, Tessa and I arrive to our gate in Seattle's airport to find out that Mt. Redout decided to erupt a couple of times in the past hour or so. This was just the beginning of our weekend stay in Seattle's airport. Yep, we never made it to Alaska. That stinkin' volcano kept right on blowing. God was good though (as always). One of my friend's parents live in Tacoma (about 25 min. from the airport) and they graciously put Tessa and me up at their house for 2 well as picked us up from the airport 2x and brought us to the airport 2x! Wow! It's truly amazing how God took care of us the whole time. (I only broke down twice throughout the whole thing...that's pretty good if you ask me!)

Anyway, we ended up having to purchase a separate ticket to get Tessa and me back home. Quite the expensive trip up to the Seattle Airport...I don't know if I'd call that a vacation. Thankfully we got to spend some nice quality time with the Knibbes! :)
THEN, we didn't get our luggage back for a week! Ahhhh. I can laugh at it now, it's in the past.

Fast-forward to April 6...we're on our second attempt to get up to Alaska. Another no go. Our flight got delayed and we were going to miss our connection. Unreal! Were we ever going to get there???
April 7...finally, Tessa and I boarded our flight, Mt. Redoubt behaved, and we arrived safely on Alaska soil and had some great times with Erin, Mike, Freeman, and Arch! Praise God!!! :)

Cousins RE-UNITED at last!

Having fun with bubbles...brrrrr, this is definitely NOT California! (My fingers were numb after only 5 minutes of blowing!)

Mike and the Arch :)

Uncle Mike's sweet bus

There's a good reason for this...Freeman asks to go potty outside all the time, so Tessa jumps on that wagon and demanded to try to go outside as well. I think she was a tad chilly down there because nothing came out. At least Auntie Erin was patient. :)

Tessa and Freeman loving on Arch

Tessa loved being the older cousin...she's not "an older" anything right now so it was fun to see her take on this new role.

Story/playtime at the library

Saying good-byes at the airport

Tessa playing in the sprinklers the day before we went to Anchorage...quite the California girl


Sierra said...

What a blast! I loved all the pictures - it's fun seeing Erin's family, too!