Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Adventure Continues...The Budds

I'm back...trying to catch up on my life. :)
Well, after Tessa and I spent time in Alaska, we flew back into Seattle where Mark picked us up. He and buddy, Louie, rode-tripped it from LA to Seattle in 18 hours! Louie flew home and we headed for Portland to spend some time with our good friends, the Budds. :)

We did lots of fun things...we went to their church with them on Easter Sunday, tagged along at their friend's house for lunch, we all took public transportation downtown Portland and caught a fun children's play, we went to the OMSI, went to Bob's Red Mill and bought 125 lbs. of steel cut oatmeal (do you think that effects gas mileage???)...we had to pick up some for our friends too!
We hit up lots of Thrift Stores / Goodwills. This area has always been good to us! However, this time...nothing worth writing home about.

Mark and I went out on a date one night to this really cool place called The Kennedy School. I think I'm just going to put a link in here for you to check out if you're ever in the Portland area. A friend of a friend told me about it and I'll just say...I'll trust this person's opinion anyday after that recommendation.
We had a great time just hanging out with Dave, Sarah, Ellen, Isaiah, and Brennan. Just chillin', enjoying good friends. :) It was fun to watch Tessa interact with these kids. It's amazing how quickly she "grew up" in front of our eyes while playing with these older kids. Pretty cute. :) Dave took Mark to a Blazers game the last night while Sarah and I stayed home and enjoyed some raw icecream. You inspire me Sarah, you just need to live with ME now and tell me what to do. ;)

Just a couple more shots of Tessa:
This is how Tessa experienced our walk around downtown Portland...the life!

"Say Cheese"...taken with Sarah's sweet camera.

Thanks for everything, Budds! You guys are amazing friends. :) We look forward to having you come to our place next.


Sarah said...

awwww you guys are the best!