Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Does Someone Always Have to get Hurt?

Tessa and I had lunch at Chick-fil-A with a couple of good friends and then walked over to the "new" splash pad. The kids LOVED it! Us moms were a tad more concerned than they seemed to was a lot of fun but quite slick. I'm pretty sure each one of them slipped and fell at least once. It wasn't until all the kids ventured over to the kiddy playground when the accident happened. Tessa loves to hang on the bars...she does it all the time and she's fine. Unfortunately either her grip or her dismount didn't go as planned. Little pumpkin fell off the bars and came arunnin' to her mommy (who wasn't present at the time...bad mom!). I didn't see it at first, but she kept saying, "what happened? why did that happen? what was that?" I gave her a super hug and when she pulled away I noticed a HUGE gouge in her chin! (Is it possible for a gouge to be small? The word gouge and small just don't go in my eyes, it was huge.) Anyway, she seemed to be fine, it was me that was so concerned about what to do next. We ended up going straight home and putting a couple butterfly bandages on it. 2 year olds don't fair well with band-aids on their faces so I found out. We'll see what this scar ends up looking least it's on the UNDER side of her chin. Who doesn't have a scar there? Well, I do! She was a champ through the whole thing! She makes me so proud. :)

Here are some pics of the fountain:

Such a brave little girl!

Hmmm...awaiting the surprise

"Look, it's right here, see it?"

Side-Note: Just in case you didn't know, Mark used to be an EMT. If any injury happens to us, I'm confident that he'll know what to do and then proceed to take care of us with a steady hand. After two attempts at putting on the butter-fly bandages I thought I'd let him have a shot at it..."he'll do a much better job than me, I'm sure of it!" Anyway, as I watch him carefully put on the bandage I notice that he put some medicine on the gouge. "Of course! Why didn't I think of that!" I look at the tube setting on the table, anti-itch cream. Hmmm. I guess it has been a few years since he was in training. :) You can just imagine how great it felt to give him a hard time about that one! I love you, Honey. :)


Allensville said...

I've taken my kids to play in the water and made a formal complaint. Although it's a fun place to hang on a warm day, I found that the workers, working nearby, were not appropriately trained when it came to safety (common sense, people!!! So check this out: a guy was working on something underground, just a few yards from the water area, and left this huge hole wide open, unmanned. I peered down and it was at least 6 feet deep. Apparently the guy got hungry. He left his work area to eat. Any child, including my own, could have easily fallen into this unmarked abysis (sorry on the spelling). I sound like a crazy mom but I thought the guy who left his area as is was pretty crazy.