Thursday, October 01, 2009

BIG Girl Underpants

I am going to talk again how our patience has paid off...I'm sure not saying that we are patient in everything we do / purchase, but with this particular!
We had been toying with the idea of switching over to cloth diapers for a while now, and without getting into "details" let's just say that Tessa goes through a LOT of diapers. "Why don't you just start potty training her?" may be your first solution...I'd answer that one, but that would involve "details".
Anyway, being the Craigslisters that we are, I had been searching for Bumgenius One Size Diapers for quite sometime. This way, Tessa could use them and then we could transfer smoothly over to baby using them. Slick! Well, you don't find too many cloth diapers coming up on Craigslist (hence the patience), and if you did, they probably wouldn't be a "deal". So, you can imagine how large my eyes got when I saw an add for $5 / diaper! These usually go for anywhere b/t $18-$30. This woman had a ton she wanted to get rid of. I called her up and asked what kinds she had. You name it, she had it! (She's one of those people who can afford to try all brands to see which ones she likes best...her son grew out of all of them by the age of 8 months.) I did my research and each one looked do-able for us. They weren't all One-Size fits all, but at $5 a pop, one can be flexible.
I let this woman know that we were on our way! There, in her office, was a huge box waiting for us to dig through. I didn't even know where to start! Talk about a kid in a candy store. :)
Anyway, super long story short...I chose about 30 of the "nicest ones" (there were probably 25 left) and offered her $150. She says, "how about you take the entire box for $125." Wow. Complete blessings from Above! We walked out of there spending about $2.25 per diaper. Unbelieveable. Blessed, amazing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!
So, today was the first day Tessa got to put on her Big Girl Underpants (we're trying to encourage her to like them) and as you can see from the picture, she's pretty proud of them! :)
We've got lots of different ones to choose from but we thought we'd show you the first ones. Again, patience sure "pays" off!


Megan and Chris said...

What a cute little model! And what a bargain! You'll have to let me know how it goes!

Jennifer Gray said...

I considered cloth before finding out how nuts our life was going to be with Jordan but I had NO idea how CRAZY expensive those things are! Wow! I'm so excited you got another great deal...I have one to share that you'll DIE over for me too. You know how many years I've begged God for a BOB double jogger right? I asked you about helping me find one then I gave up. I was at a garage sale a couple weeks ago and saw a BEAUTIFUL mint condition, bright blue, double BOB. The girl asked how much, I was humiliated that I only had $20 to spend but HAD to try. She hesitated then said $25. YES! $25!!!!! So glad to share the story with you as I know you appreciate it. You inspire me!!! :)

august herrema said...

Thats amazing! My sister is using cloth diapers, and she found them incredibly expensive- yikes!

Jennifer Gray said...

I want to find a couple of these for Jordan to use at night. She's been potty trained for a long time now but still uses pull-ups at night. How GREAT to not have to buy them (and dump them in the landfill). Where do I look? What's the scoop if I just want a few?

Brynn said...

AWWW there so cute and at the last family lunch i rember seeing her in one!! Its sooo cute and way better than the throw out ones!