Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Done with the Parties

Our calendar is all open now...we made it to all our Christmas thoughtful of baby. This weekend was a full one. Saturday morning we had our Fieldhouse Christmas. This year we shared breakfast together...all 16 of us around one big table! Slightly chaotic, pretty loud, lots of passing food, not much eating. It was good though. :)
Present opening was entertaining for all...especially for the kiddos. They seemed to turn into REALLY good listeners and excellently behaved children. Check out what they all looked like after we told them to go inside to wait for us...

They all seemed pretty excited about what Grandpa & Grandma got them, everyone had fun playing with everything after present opening was done.

Today, Sunday, we had Mark's extended family Christmas gathering...the Miersma Christmas Party. This is the annual "make your own ornament that sums up your year" party. At our Thanksgiving gathering we all receive a bag full of random shaped wood pieces that we need to use for our ornaments. We are allowed 2 additional items...not including paint or glue. (Always a tradition if you don't wait 'til midnight the night before to get your ornament finished!) Here are our ornaments for 2009:
(Oh, for the record, we were finished by 9:30 p.m. the night before, that felt GREAT!)

This is Allison's:
Usually one feels an itching sensation when it comes to being married for 7 years. I, however, have felt incredibly "lucky" to be married to Mark for 7 years. :) Hence, the 4 leaf clover.
This is Mark's:
Mark (and myself) have switched over from a PC to a Mac this year. Mark still isn't sold on the "Mac is WAY better than PC" mentality that all Mac people have, but we're still in the learning process. Hopefully this changes, right now it's just a really expensive computer!

This is Tessa's:
She has an odometer signifying her year of travel. This is the number of miles she travelled either by airplane or road trip. She's turned into quite the savvy traveller (as long as we have a DVD player, lots of movies, lots of snacks, and her favorite books).


Megan and Chris said...

I love the holiday tradition of the ornaments. You guys are always so creative! Thanks for all of the updates. Your adoring public (me) appreciates it. :) Praying for you guys!

lee said...

love your ornaments! and mark, i love my mac - it did take a while. take some classes at the apple store - well worth it. this thing does amazing things. i took a class on using the imovie. i'll try to send you a link to watch my first movie.