Monday, December 14, 2009

Tessa's Speech

Tessa's been going to speech for the past 3ish months now. I'm not sure if it's obvious yet in her pronunciation, but she sure does have a good time! We've been going 2x a week for the last monthish...this is a good thing for Tessa, a tad too busy for me. We leave the house at 3:15 for our appt. at 4:00 at Long Beach Memorial Miller's Children's Hospital. We don't usually get home until 5:45-6pm. That's a long afternoon...not to mention I usually have to wake her up from her nap in order to leave on time. The only good thing out of it for ME (b/c that's who it's all about...sorry, call me selfish!) is that I have 45 minutes of downtime to just sit and read in the waiting room. For Tessa, it's all a positive thing. These are her little friends who she meets with every Monday and Thursday. Kimberly & James. They are adorable! Also, both cleft affected. The therapists are awesome...we are blessed!
Notice Jame's mask...this is mandatory for all kids under the age of 18 to wear in the hospital. It all has to do with the H1N1 virus. Tessa rips hers off right when we get to the waiting room.
Not sure if you knew this, but b/c of this H1N1 virus, Tessa is not allowed to come to the hospital to visit baby when he/she arrives. You could say that we're pretty bummed about that! We just need to come up with a creative way to introduce baby to Tessa. :) Trying to look on the bright side of the stinky situation...
The hospital was handing out candy canes for all the kiddos as we came about making a kid's day! :)

Tessa's pretty pumped...can you tell? :)

Here they are all holding hands before heading into their room. We lift James up in prayer as he heads in for surgery Tuesday morning to give him more of an upper lip. If you think about it, please pray that all goes well for him.


The VanderPloeg's said...

So Glad you are seeing positive benefits in Tessa's speech! that is wonderful!

we are no strangers to speech therapy. Rory has been in speech since 19 months - but to get her to talk at all, not pronunciation. Now at 27 months we are super happy at her progress in talking, though she has a while to catch up to a typical 2 year old.

Hope you are feeling well and and enjoying this time being a parent to one! it gets interesting real fast.

happy holidays to you Allison.