Thursday, December 03, 2009

Funny Story


OK...I'm going to try to keep this brief b/c we want to do another post tonight and still get to bed on time. This is just a glimpse into the adorable personality we have on our hands. :)
I've been taking Tessa with me to almost every doctor's appointment that I've had so far. I think it helps her understand that there's a little baby coming soon and that she's going to be a big sister. Plus, she gets to hear the baby's heart beat every cool is that for a big sister???
Anyway, the past 2 weeks that I've gone in it seems like I've had a little shadow...first of all, right when we get to the office I head straight for the bathroom. Tessa usually demands to use the potty first while I try to patiently help her go. However, the past couple of times she's watched me go potty in my "cup". Hmmm, looks like fun, I want to do that too, says Tessa. So, I write her name on a cup and she proceeds to pee in it. This past time this was our conversation..."What do you want me to do with your cup, Tessa?" "Bring it to Alma". Adorable.
As many of you know, the further along in pregnancy that you get the more often the doctor "checks you". Well, I'm 40 weeks now so the past couple of times the doctor has "checked" me. As I undress from the waste down b/f the Dr. comes in, Tessa follows suite...again, adorable. (I do make her keep her diaper on though). The doctor always gets a pretty big kick out of her. That's all. That's our Tessa. Adorable. :)


Megan and Chris said...

So hilarious! And how nice of you to let her actually pee in the cup! I am pretty sure I simply would have denied that request. :) Tessa is one lucky girl!