Friday, January 15, 2010

We're Alive & Well

Does Tessa look like a natural or what?!?!
Tessa has really taken a liking to Molly...always wanting to give her kisses, holding her hand in the car, singing songs to her, watching me change her poopy diapers (so intriguing!), and fetching the necessities for mommy. What a great big sister! :)
However, she hasn't asked to hold Molly. I asked her to sit down so I could take their picture for this shot. Maybe that desire will come later?

Some faces of our beautiful Molly Grace:

Tessa's getting lots of love these days! We borrowed a jumper from Tessa's cousins over Christmas vacation, she LOVED it! Mark's been home from work for the past 2 weeks on paternity leave...he's so good with her (what in the world am I going to do once he goes back to work??? Thank goodness my parents come once he goes back.)

Here's Molly's first of many trips to the Bellflower Farmer's Market. Tessa LOVES this special trip...she's a sucker for samples! She's showing off her little honey sample spoon, that was a first for us...who knew there were so many different flavors of honey?!?!

We LOVE our Beco carrier! We got it when Tessa was 18 months old, so I never used the infant insert...Molly has thoroughly been enjoying herself in this thing. I went for a walk to the coffee shop this morning and she fell asleep on the way there and then again on the way back...then proceeded to sleep for another 3 hours in it at home while I putzed around the house. Love it!
Smooshed faces are the best! :)

A couple of funny things that have happened lately:

She's getting sooooo big, so big that she's potty training and wearing fun panties everyday. Well, either fun panties or no panties, what's the difference when she's running around the house? Anyway, that's just a side note. The funny story happened about 2 weeks ago. Tessa fell into her crib one morning and realized that it didn't hurt. So when nap time came, she didn't seem all that tired but I read her stories and put her down anyway. Mark and I were hanging out in the kitchen and all of a sudden we hear a door open, little footsteps running toward us and then a little stinker comes into the doorway and proudly and boldly says, "Hello!" (think about how someone says "ta-da" when they finish a tumble or a trick, that's how she said "hello" cute! Kind of.) In my mind I'm thinking, "Shoot, there goes nap time, great timing!" And yes, nap time was indeed a challenge that day. Mark and I had to do some quick thinking to stay ahead of this little girl. I left for Bible Study that night and whispered in Mark's ear, "have fun tonight!" My husband took matters into his own hands and, with Tessa's help, lowered her crib to the lowest setting. When we heard her wake up the next morning she sadly said, "Hey, I can't get out of my bed anymore" sad. Kind of. ;)

Molly is quite the loud sleeper, she makes the cutest noises and makes the cutest faces while sleeping. So far, that's the only time we've seen her smile...this huge grin that lights up her entire face. Precious. :) That night at Bible Study Molly was peacefully sleeping while the ladies were laughing about something. As soon as we finished laughing, Molly added her final chuckle. Perfect timing! We all got another good laugh. :)


Robert and Holly Bennington said...

Molly is just beautiful and you look just as pretty as I remember you, Allison! So glad Tessa is enjoying her new baby sister; what a truly beautiful family you have!

Pamela said...

Love all the pictures! What beautiful big, blue eyes...just like her big sis!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness they're so cute! I think they both look so much alike.

Congratulations on your two beautiful girls!

Christopher said...

Love the update! Tessa and Molly are just so cute! I can't believe you made it to Tessa being 2 and 3/4 without lowering her crib all the way down. That is awesome! Lily discovered the concept of jumping on the bed at about 7 months and has really given her crib a workout ever since. She would rocket herself over the side if she had her way!

Shane said...

This is what it's come to, I'm having to read to get your news. I'm ready for Mark to go back to work...obviously getting desperate here!! --Autumn