Monday, December 21, 2009


Here they are...sisters!
Molly Grace Fieldhouse - 1 day old

Tessa Joy Fieldhouse - 1 day old

Do you see any resemblances?
More pictures to follow. Tessa is on her way home right now to meet Molly, so exciting!
We are all so happy to be home sweet home. :) Molly is so happy she hasn't even woken up from our car ride home from the hospital! What a champ. :)


Megan and Chris said...

Molly is such a perfect name! She looks like a Molly. :) She also looks so much like Tessa! Apparently Allison's womb is very conducive to hair growth because look at both of the girls' hair! So glad you guys are home and coming together as a new family of four. Yay!

alison said...

she is beautiful!

alison said...

she is beautiful!

Matthew said...

Congratulations! She's a beauty! I am amazed at all that hair! Glad to hear things went smoothly. Hope everyone is feeling good....daddy too. :) Hope we can meet Molly at one of your next visits to Michigan.

--The Klein Family

Sarah said...

yay for Molly! I'm so excited for you guys! (and really for myself to finally stop thinking of molly as an it. :) )

The VanderPloeg's said...

Congratulations Allison and Mark and Tessa! Molly is just gorgeous.

Two girls are just the best.

Jo VanderPloeg

ps - my oldest's middle name is joy, and my 2nd girl's middle name is grace, just like yours! what wonderful names for such precious girls.

Auntie Cari said...

She is beautiful and I must add girls are now winning!!! YEA GIRLS! Can't wait to see her when we get home. Love you guys!

danielle said...

congratulations! she is beautiful! and i love the name.
tessa will have such fun being a big sister :)

Robert and Holly Bennington said...

She is just beautiful...and looks so much like Tessa did! I love following your blog, Allison - it's so good to see you and your growing family! This is Holly (Smith) from Valley, by the way:) I had triplets in May and cannot believe they are already 7 months old! It goes by fast...maybe a little too fast! Enjoy your new baby girl!

august herrema said...

They look so much alike!
I absolutely love the name Molly- so precious.

Anonymous said...

I didn't remember Tessa having such dark hair when she was born. Cutie Pies! Love, the slagers

Scott and Susan Vanden Berg said...

Congratulations, Allison and Mark and Tessa! What a sweet darling and love the name again!

sue & scott