Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Catching Up To Do...

Well, our life has been slightly on the busy side. Some people have asked, "so, are you feeling settled in your new home?" I just have to laugh at that question. The answer is a resounding "NO". Yep, it's taking quite a while. It's been over a month...we've had quite a few changes in our thinking about this lovely home. We are grateful for a roof over our heads and the fact that we do get to eat every night (even though sometimes it isn't until 7:30pm that we're finally sitting down together as a family!) Here are a few older pictures...
Sure did capture how Molly felt about Tessa holding her...what a great face!
Now THAT'S more like it...THIS is our happy child, she truly is such a blessing!
Here we are picking a few stragglers off our avocado tree...stuck those in a box and mailed them all the way to Anchorage, AK...hope you liked them, Erin! :)