Monday, April 26, 2010

My Baby's 3 Years Old!!!

We celebrated Tessa's 3rd birthday this past week. Yes, I said "week". I highly recommend sticking to just the one day celebration. I'm exhausted. Anyway, here are some pictures of all the festivities...
This is Tessa's last night sleeping in her crib...we lasted 3 whole years! She got a bunk bed in her new room and we've been practicing sleeping up on the top bunk during naps...she passed! She's been sleeping up top now for almost a week. :)
I decided that I am going to start writing a birthday letter to my birthday girls (seeing how I do a terrible job with their baby books!) She got the letter instead of her stories this night, I think she liked it...I sure did!

Sitting pretty watching Dora during breakfast...MUST be a special occasion.

This is Tessa's very first hair-cut! (Sure would have been nice to have my dad cut her hair.) Another special occasion. Check out her seat! And, she got to watch a movie while getting her hair cut. Just a healthy trim, that's all. :) At the end Mark says to me, "Allison, you totally could have done that!" Yes, but this was special. Next time. :) Who doesn't like to get pampered?

The final product.

Birthday party with all her friends at play group.

Lovin' the flip-flops!

Tessa and all her California cousins (minus Lauren).

Molly celebrated her 4 month birthday the day before Tessa's 3rd birthday. :)