Monday, September 20, 2010

Ride On!!!

Today was the first day back on the saddle since Molly has been born.
When I say that I mean on the saddle all the way down to the beach and back, carrying Molly in the bike trailer rather than in my tummy. Fun times! It was a beautiful day and the girls did great! Looking forward to this weekly ride with my dear friend, Autumn and her two little guys.

Here's a video of everyone on the swings at the Tot Lot in Seal Beach. Tessa's first time really pumping all by herself!

OK...I'm getting pretty bummed. I have been denied on all the videos that I've tried uploading for the past 3 months. (Granted I've attempted 4 times, but still...very frustrating!)

Because you don't get to see the video, here are some recent pictures of the girls:


crjmommy said...

such beautiful girls! they look so much alike!!

Anonymous said...

i just discovered the update! pleasant surprise.
i love seeing molly's chunk! hugs to you all. now i think i'll call you...