Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mile Stones

Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!

Happy 40 months to the Big Sister, Tessa!

Happy 8 months to the most precious baby ever!

I love my family!!!
I know, I know...stay tuned for more pictures.
I realize that Molly has been a complete secret to those who do not see us on a regular basis. She sure looks different from her last pic on the blog! Sorry 'bout that!


Anonymous said...

hallelujah! i was not expecting an update! what an incredibly pleasant surprise! wow! beautiful pics. beautiful. aaaawwwhhh. i still can't believe there was an update! thank you to whoever did it. thank you thank you thank you. oh i miss you. so great. big hugs and kisses to you all!

Anonymous said...

oh yah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! imagine yourself a great big birthday hug. i'm not as on top of these things as your beautiful wife! hope you had a great day!

Amanda said...

so cute!! I love the pictures!

Megan said...

Tessa in those glasses is the best! And Molly is Mark's mini-me right down to her expressions. What a cute family! :)

lee said...

your family is fabulous ... just wish there was a pic of fabulous you! eager to see those promised before and after pics :-)

Scott and Susan Vanden Berg said...

Cute pics. Love the one with Tessa & the glasses! And I bet Molly sure looks like you did when you were a baby--am I wrong?