Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Surgery Day Has Come...

I don't think Tessa could have been more excited about this day than she was last night and this morning. She had so many questions! The one thing she was super excited for was a bed with wheels on it and one where the head would go up and down. Precious girl. We went out and celebrated last night with some friends...we called it a "pre-op" party. Went to Chuckie Cheese for games and then Chick-fil-A for dinner. She had a ball. :) She's gotten lots of positive attention, a few gifts here and there, and she IS LOVING IT! Then, to top it off, our nurse in the examining room this morning walked in with a brand new baby doll, she was stoked! She got fun hospital pajamas, super friendly nurses and doctors (they just know how to treat their patients here!) No concerns whatsoever. Precious girl.
Here's Tessa being an amazing patient:
We probably visited 4-5 different waiting rooms, this one was Tessa's favorite:

After this point, we headed to the pre-op room where Tessa got her first dream bed, plus a remote control and TV (not to mention a warm blanket to keep her nice and cozy). It was here where she received the "happy medicine", Versed. This is to make her relaxed and have the ability to forget certain things. She seemed totally normal to us until they started to wheel her away and her not having any issues with that. Then again...maybe we're raising a pretty independent young lady! :)

And just in case you're wondering, Mark and I are doing much better now. :) Man, I really lost it when they wheeled her away. (I don't think that part will EVER get easy.) We have been enjoying this beautiful hospital and all the perks that it comes with, a delicious, reasonably-priced breakfast, nice naturally lit cafeteria, hot chocolate, good conversation with my husband, encouraging texts coming in letting us know that many of your are praying for Tessa, and some comfy seats to plunk down in so we can keep everyone's a nice distraction! :)


Jonathan and Kristen said...

Thanks for the update. What a beautiful, brave and independent young lady that Tessa is! We're praying!

The Benningtons said...

Thank you for the update! I had read your last blog entry and was excited to follow your journey! My kids have been through several surgeries, too, and like you said, it's always nerve-wracking to watch them be wheeled away. Praying for your Tessa...and for you!